Since the '70s, Gianmaria Bonà has devoted himself to painting and, in the following years, also to sculpture. His artistic research is constantly evolving, his ability to shape materials of different types is evidenced by his works and videos made in his studio, while using various painting techniques.
The amazement of those who meet Gianmaria Bonà is always high as he is the only artist to have experienced many different techniques and styles in a short time. There are many entrepreneurs who have the honour of meeting him in his atelier or at his exhibitions, very few elected instead those who can see him at work, because Bonà in the creative moment wants to move in his laboratory in total solitude to keep the creative moment higher.
Who knows if those who read these lines will find a way to convince the artist to show himself to his eyes while he is at work?
I would advise you to try because a famous saying reads: "Trying is not bad". I had the great fortune to see him at work and it was an exciting experience that can certainly not be missed among those who love art strongly.