Gianmaria Bonà’s sculptural works are made of different materials such as brass, bronze, silver and gold; they are unique, unrepeatable and of great artistic quality.

The womanly sculptures of Gianmaria Bonà include an arc of values ranging from dreamlike to surreal fantasy. The artist does not resort to mnemonic figures for the sake of experimental psychology; what is important to him is to make these new refined forms real emblems of the individual unconscious, archaic symbols, even deep signs of the unconscious. It is therefore a type of sculpture that unites, in a single work, the truth of nature and that of the idea, giving the first the absoluteness of the archetype of daily acquisition, which surprises us for the first time as an art revelation.
Bonà, desperately tries to stop a present in which he wants to act and which continuously escapes him; a present that, as Bergson explains, is nothing more than a future that passes through the past and is elusive of the present.

The phenomenological thought of the artist projects the research into the original, where the relationship of man is organic with nature, where there is no gradualness or a privilege of normative values and you can grasp the plastic modulation and the pleasure of doing, as a response to the concrete needs of being in the world. The pleasure of dissolving and creating new languages, the pleasure of the different, of the authentic, in which remote things can suddenly appear very close and near things distant and almost elusive. This is demonstrated in his work, in the continuous change of references and in the attempt to illustrate the historical struggle to break the chains of conformism, dogmatism and intolerance. It is a continuous impulse, which was born with man and has accompanied and conditioned all his moral and social development.
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Lorenzo Bonini,
art critic, curator, journalist, court consultant
Gianmaria Bonà, the long journey into matter
Painting, works on leather, acids on metal: the atelier of the artist from Brianza, in Santa Maria Hoè, is a kaleidoscopic path of research into the secrets of things.

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Daniele Colombo
professional journalist
New artistic season
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