Gianmaria Bonà’s recent research and, I refer essentially to the works of the recent years, has implemented in an interesting study path in both painting and sculpture.
The passage from modular- structural techniques is striking; his work is a multi-frames system, with frames placed one above the other with a spiral movement that give a concrete meaning to the composite elements.
The frames contain a painted panel filled with an imaginative monochrome colour, such as gold background at the base with acids’ interventions, distributed and controlled on the surface with manual brush strokes…
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Lorenzo Bonini,
art critic, curator, journalist, court consultant
Gianmaria Bonà returns and surprises. Once again the artist from Brianza continues his tortuous search, made of stubbornness and courage. He does so by going beyond. His approach is a physical "going beyond", which goes beyond the art’s boundaries as we have understood it until today. His new ... Read more
Angelo Baiguini,
Editor-in-Chief, journalist and politician
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