Charity works

Bonà does charity work and sponsors associations. Here are some examples:


Associazione Luce e Vita ONLUS

For the research and treatment of onco-haematological diseases.
Founded on October 16 1991, it aims at improving the living conditions of people with leukemia, particularly those of the Clinica Ematologica T.M.O. (Bone Marrow Transplant) of the San Gerardo Hospital of Monza.
Associazione Luce e Vita now has more than 4800 members and benefactors.


Cancro Primo Aiuto ONLUS

In memory of Walter Fontana.
The association was founded with the aim of social and socio-sanitary assistance for cancer patients, including prevention, treatment and assistance.
It offers free advice from doctors and paramedics volunteers, with particular reference to those who participate in the Scientific and Technical Committee.


Fondazione Granata Braghieri

The Attilio Granata e Franco Braghieri Foundation was founded to promote research and the achievement of body and mind harmony.
This balance stems from a fundamental premise: to look towards one's own roots, well planted in the earth, and to know how to respect them. This is the only way to push yourself towards the sky.

fontana-pesci associazione luce
cancro primo aiuto
cancro primo aiuto