Style and innovation, this is what Gianmaria Bonà is all about. He is the eclectic artist, who wisely shapes every material, always obtaining surprising works.
Three-dimensionality always fascinates Gianmaria Bonà, his sculptures are living evidence of how extensive is his creativity.
20 years of exhibitions in art galleries around the world. Gianmaria Bonà has also experimented with unusual environments to exhibit his works, such as at production sites and different companies.
Many critics have written about him, such as: Angelo Baiguini, Vittorio Sgarbi, Giusi Spezzaferri, Lorenzo Bonini, Felice Bossone, Francesco Zampieri, Laura Civetti, Angelo Dragone, Franco Brasca, Daniele Colombo.
Gianmaria Bonà’s paintings and sculptures are the aesthetic representation of his great creative inspiration. Read more about him!
Experimentations, works, inspirations, awards and some Pindaric flights of Gianmaria Bonà, an eclectic and complete artist.